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Here is my home town
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28th-Feb-2009 08:18 pm - samples - parts of layout

sample - parts of layout.

.jpg 720/280

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26th-Feb-2009 11:58 am - profile layout
layout for profile


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25th-Sep-2008 05:38 pm - Rules: my requests.
Hi, my name is Pine :)

All pics at here are taken by me. I'm not photographer, so if you love these pics, you can use these in your LJ or web pages, with credit.

But at first, please check these rules.

You CAN:
*use these works in your LJ or your web pages with credit.
*make derivative works with credit.
*distribute derivative works with credit.

You CAN'T:
*use these works for commercial purposes.
*hot link.
*distribute original works.

I ask you:
*please comment, if you like it.
*If you think these still don't make clear my thought, please feel free to ask me anything.

You can use these codes for the credit.

in LJ:

in your web page:

I think you can do some other things with these pics. So, please ask me at first. Maybe, I'll be able to be kindly person :)

If you have some questions, you can ask me at this post. Of course, you can reply to every post and those are always welcomed :)
24th-Feb-2009 08:49 pm - administrator was changed.
I close my old account 8th_little , and I decide that I use my present account lovedidi  in this community.

Basically, nothing will change in this community newly.
But I have a mind to post some layouts to this community. Of course, it is just my intention still now.

Thank you :)

25th-Sep-2008 05:44 pm - question post
If you have some questions for me, please reply to this post.

Thank you  :)

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